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85% Of Global Brands Engage With Influencers

Consumer Depends On Influencers 49%
Marketers Planning To Engage More Influencers 67%
Teens Trust Influencers 70%
Millennial Using AD Blocking 60%

Only Pay By Performance

ProductLink offers you a risk-free approach to digital affiliate marketing.
You only pay a commission if there’s a validated purchase in your online store. Guaranteed!

Connect Your Brand With The Right Influencers

We help you to connect with our vetted network of Youtubers based on their profile data and actual sales performance.

A Complete Influencer Marketing Platform

Seriously Powerful Influencer Discovery

Search a global database by content and influencer attributes.

Advanced Influencer Insights

Evaluate influencers based on performance, audience quality and value alignment.

Streamlined Campaign Management

Plan & track your campaigns based on audience traffic for a specific product category and region.

A CRM for Your Influencers

Manage your influencer relationships in one centralized database.

Essential Brand Safeguards

Find partners aligned with you using customizable values matching.

Seamless Campaign & Program Reporting

Measure your performance with our user friendly reports and statistics.

Start scaling your business with an effective influencer strategy today.
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