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The Power Of  YouTube

50 000+ years of product review YouTube videos watched on mobile in the past two years.

of shoppers surveyed say they have used a Google product (YouTube) in the past week to help with their shopping.

Nearly 2/3 of shoppers say online video has given them ideas and inspiration for their purchase.

> 7,300

years of watch time of apartment tour/home tour videos on YouTube in the past two years.


increase in earned views on YouTube in the last year.


increase in watch time of YouTube content in the last year.


of parents who watch YouTube say they’re more likely to share or buy school products after seeing a video ad.

Deny Prayetno Ardi

7K subscribers

“Being a content creator is not only about money. Always be honest in evaluating a product so that it can build trust between the creator and the audience. Maximizing revenue by exploring more channels is also necessary, or focusing on one channel like mine is also okay, as long as it is consistent and provides quality content.”
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