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Generate side income for your stunning, authentic photos and videos.

ProductLink connects the power of the YouTube generation with exclusive brands you love that need your creativity and passion.

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Many top brands and marketplaces such as Shopee or Lazada offer special commissions for creators, influencers and YouTubers like you!

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We provide a team of Influencer success managers to coach you and ensure your success.

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Submit your video with a just simple click. Add product detail and get your ProductLink on the spot. No more waiting!

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Earning money through affiliate marketing shouldn’t be complicated. Grab your ProductLink quick & easy with just 1 click to generate hard cash.

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View performance metrics that are most important to your content strategy and gives you insight into how to grow your profits.

4. Dynamic Link Redirection

Smart platform that have dynamic link redirection. Your link will never expired. We sent your subscribers to another shop with same product.

How It Works

Getting Started Is Simple

Deny Prayetno Ardi

7K subscribers

“Being a content creator is not only about money. Always be honest in evaluating a product so that it can build trust between the creator and the audience. Maximizing revenue by exploring more channels is also necessary, or focusing on one channel like mine is also okay, as long as it is consistent and provides quality content.”
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