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85% Of Global Brands Engage With Influencers

Consumer Depends On Influencers 49%
Marketers Planning To Engage More Influencers 67%
Teens Trust Influencers 70%
Millennial Using AD Blocking 60%

High Quality Traffic

Optimise traffic to your storefront via product review videos.
High quality and relevant content generates high purchase intent!

Product Targeting

ProductLink are targeting product-specific video placements to create the highest level of relevance.
Drive retail sales by strategically distributing your campaigns at scale by your product category.

A Complete Influencer Marketing Platform

Seriously Powerful Influencer Discovery

Search a global database by content and influencer attributes.

Advanced Influencer Insights

Evaluate influencers based on performance, audience quality and value alignment.

Streamlined Campaign Management

Plan & track your campaigns based on audience traffic for a specific product category and region.

A CRM for Your Influencers

Manage your influencer relationships in one centralized database.

Essential Brand Safeguards

Find partners aligned with you using customizable values matching.

Seamless Campaign & Program Reporting

Measure your performance with our user friendly reports and statistics.

The Power Of  YouTube

50 000+ years of product review YouTube videos watched on mobile in the past two years.

of shoppers surveyed say they have used a Google product (YouTube) in the past week to help with their shopping.

Nearly 2/3 of shoppers say online video has given them ideas and inspiration for their purchase.

> 7,300

years of watch time of apartment tour/home tour videos on YouTube in the past two years.


increase in earned views on YouTube in the last year.


increase in watch time of YouTube content in the last year.


of parents who watch YouTube say they’re more likely to share or buy school products after seeing a video ad.

Start scaling your business with an effective influencer strategy today.
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