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Sync With YouTube

Connect your YouTube account with 2 simple clicks!
Get access to your YouTube videos and manage links all from one place.

Weekly Earnings Update

Get the most from the ProductLink that you share with your audience.
Check your earnings and performance weekly from one convenient dashboard.

Dynamic Link Destination

ProductLink can route your visitors to different online shops, based on their language, device, country or even time of clicks.
WHY? To increase the user experience and help you earn the highest commission.

ProductLink Health Checker

Our technology knows exactly if a merchant link is broken or a product is out of stock.
ProductLink never expires and your earnings never stop coming in.

Choice Pages

Let your followers choose where to make their purchases.
ProductLink can lead your visitors to a landing page with several product offers that you customise for your audience.

Automatic Product Localization

ProductLink is optimised for an international audience.
We know where your followers are located and will make sure they are redirected to the best available merchant in their respective country.

Automatic Affiliation

Never lose a commission again. Add your video info once, and ProductLink will automatically monetize your links.
Social selling with your favorite brands. Jump in.
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