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Features for an

end-to-end control

over your links

Lean on a comprehensive list of features that allow you to manage your links from creation until tracking.
Shorten links
Make your links presentable and encourage a higher conversion rate.
Brand links
Enhance brand visibility with custom links that stand out.
Detect broken links
Check the status of your links and be the first to know they are no longer working.
Real-time performance tracking
Monitor reliable clicks and conversion insights to improve your engagement and content.
Create links from multiple affiliate networks
Generate trackable links, share affiliate programs and earn from an affiliate network of your choice.
Analyse and compare affiliate data
View link performances globally or zoom in across devices, countries and more.
Best suited to grow youraffiliate channels
Use the right tools to effectively connect with your audience wherever they may be online.
News Sites
Product Review
Zone in on insights about your audience preferences, spending habits and more to publish content that convert.
Social media
Gradually grow your popularity by sharing branded links that take your audience to products and service they’d love to see.
Paid traffic
Media Buyers
Push Notifications
Leverage on links that track the source of your traffic and monetise them to maximise your Return-on-Investment.
Tracking that makes scaling fast and easy
Seamlessly gather metrics that will help you meet objectives that matter.
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Easily track all your links

Centralise your link tracking efforts from one place regardless of your channels and affiliate networks.

Identify opportunities for growth

Act on informed decisions gathered from performance metrics to improve your efforts.

Detect broken links

Our 24-hour updates on your links' health let you address broken links and maintain credible insights.

Choose aplan that suits you
No credit card details required
Limited to 100 links
Tracks 5,000 clicks per month
Records 100 conversions per month
Share links via QR code
API Integration
Link performances
3 months data retention
Check up to 2 broken links
Max 1 domain
In-depth performance analytics

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Seamlessly gather metrics that will help you meet objectives that matter.
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